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Art is a reflection of who we are and the best of what we want to be. It serves to connect us to people as well as to a higher power. 


As an artist, I have resisted being boxed into just one form of expression; I believe that we are different each day. In my language as an artist, I use different media and different styles to express myself. In life, I speak multiple languages and sometimes words or emotions are better expressed in one language versus another. Similarly, an abstract work may convey the message I need to impart more acutely than a figurative piece. The idea is to be receptive to the tools necessary to do the work. I use graphite, acrylic, charcoal, watercolor, gouache, and work digitally. I also shoot photography. I work in bold, bright colors and in simple palettes of white, black, and grey. Art is a language that I feel privileged to use to express emotions that might not otherwise come to the surface and to communicate to others what I might not otherwise say. 

I am excited to announce that limited edition fine art prints of selected works are available on the newly launched website, Please visit to find out more about available limited edition pieces.

Also, I am thrilled to be featured in an upcoming article in Bold Journey in January 2024 .  It is wonderful to have the opportunity to discuss the new website and the pieces that are offered as fine art limited edition prints. 



Upcoming Feature Article in Bold Journey January 2024

Feature Article in Canvas Rebel 9/7/23

Feature Article in Downtown/Brickell Collection 9/13/18

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