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Your Own Private Gallery

If you are looking at art prints, there is only one reason. You love art. You love to be surrounded by beauty and you love to create the space in which you live. Art can take even the plainest space and make it pop. Creating your own private gallery is a fantastic way to connect with art and to always be surrounded by art.

The question is what sort of environment to you want to create. And does it matter? Well, to the extent that it's your own personal space, it most certainly does. But you don't have to be married to anything you select. The trick, like with any other gallery is to keep the art rotating. Purchase enough pieces to keep things fresh. Put them away. Buy new ones. Bring back old ones. Keep it rotating. there is nothing to stop you from changing the mood of your gallery with the mood of your day, month or year. For example, 2020 may have been a year that everything on the wall was black... or hot pink.. if you really wanted to change the mood of that year.

The wonderful thing about art is that you get to explore and play. Yes, curators will tell you that it's serious business. In your own home, you are the curator and it's your own business. So have fun and buy art. It doesn't have to be expensive. It just has to speak to you.

I have included a short clip of my own private art gallery in my home to give some more ideas.

Visit for more ideas on how to make your own private gallery and decorate your walls.

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