Art is exploration. Exploration of media, subject, and theme. Through my work I seek to connect with what it is to be human. This can be through the study of either the internal or external landscape. It might be produced through works on paper, canvas or prints from digital art. Each is a medium that allows for different expressions of theme. 

I am an American artist with roots in the United States, Cuba and Europe. Born in Miami, I have lived the American experience, raised in a culture that embraces freedom of expression and individualism. The land is as much a part of our individuality as is our personalities. In many instances, the land is a reflection of our desire for freedom, escape and self-actualization. However, that landscape can also be internal. The state of the human mind has as many mountains, rivers, valleys and oceans as the natural world around us. At times, these topographies are as difficult to traverse as are the physical ones. 

Through my work, I have been forced to confront these different worlds and realities and to make sense of them with my life experience. My art is an interpretation of our communal psychological and physical landscapes. My work can primarily be broken down into two categories: portraits rendered on paper and canvas and pop art prints from digital works of people, landscapes, and roadside buildings. 

In portraiture, I seek to go beyond the everyday, to delve into what it means to be human in this day and age. We live in a time of confusion, frustration, anger, sadness and loss. So much lip service is given to equality and self-expression only to be squelched at the first opportunity by all sides. To be American at this time means to look at yourself and decide who you are and what you stand for. Beyond that, we need to understand our own emotional web and how we feel about our connections to other people, our nation and the world. There is a sorrow that runs through the fabric of American society. A society that has been fractured and has displaced itself, sacrificing personal connections and compassion for self-righteous political anger and technological advancements. We have lost ourselves in the name of our causes and have lost the ability to effectively advance our causes for the very same reason: a huge chasm of mistrust that exists among so many of the people. The inevitable outcome is isolation and isolation is the desert in which so many emotionally live. 

In losing so much of its  innocence as a nation, the United States is a much different place than when I grew up. Some of my work harkens back to a past, that was not necessarily better, but one in which people may have been less deadened and overwhelmed by vitriolic politics and all-consuming technology. A time in which as people, we had more faith in ourselves, if not the nation. In my work, the desire for escape to the road still remains. Representations of old roadside buildings still beckon. The ghosts of previous eras invite us to explore other sensations and to experience the liberty to be who we could be, with the hope of something better to come.

The evolution of my work has been slow, as I am self-trained. But in learning on my own, I have not been subject to the limitations which, at times, are imposed by educational institutions. As such, I have had the freedom to express myself in whatever ways and through whatever media I choose, without restriction. I understand the value of an education - I have advanced degrees in other fields. But that said, I also appreciate the freedom that is granted by simply learning how to fly on one's own. 

This website sets forth some of my more recent and older works. I am fond of graphite, charcoal, acrylic paint, and prints produced from digital media alike. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is up to the artist to render out the emotion which is the fundamental connection between the artist and her audience. I hope that my art resonates with you.


Lauren Coll 


Featured on Flashes & Strokes - August 12, 2018

Feature Article on Downtown/Brickell Collection September 13, 2018. Click here for article.

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