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The founders of value beauty, art and design. We want to share it with a community that respects and reflects our appreciation for the inspiration and importance of visual art. We believe that visual art is for everyone - not just the rare collector. Art alters our perspective and drives our mood and creativity. It is the gateway to growth and understanding. It enhances and enlivens our environment and brains. We are also committed to bringing art to kids. Sadly, the importance of art in the everyday lives of people has been lost in the fray of contemporary society. Schools don't generally focus on the enrichment that art brings into the lives of children. Bringing art to kids and letting them appreciate it and in the process having them understand that they are free to express themselves visually is one of our goals. We hope to inspire kids and to bring them the beauty of paintings, drawings and illustrations. It's for this reason that we recently opened our Kids Gallery, under the Art for Kids tab. This is a section to which we will be adding more works soon. 


We are a Miami-based, wholly-owned woman's company, making contemporary art affordable to the art lover who wants to live with the beauty of art and to be inspired by it every day. We produce beautiful canvas and paper giclee reproductions, allowing the art lover to design the perfect surroundings in his or her personal space. We may not live in museums, but we can create our own private art gallery. We are proud that our clients are part of our community dedicated to uplifting the spirit and connecting with their creative selves.

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