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Art is a reflection of who we are and the best of what we want to be. It serves to connect us to people as well as to a higher power. 


As an artist, I have resisted being boxed into just one form of expression; I believe that we are different each day. In my language as an artist, I use different media and different styles to express myself. In life, I speak more than one language. I find that at times, Spanish may serve me where English does not. In the alternative, French may be the necessary vehicle needed to say what I want. In the same manner, an abstract work may convey the message more acutely than a figurative piece. The idea is to be receptive to the tools necessary to do the work. I use graphite, acrylic, charcoal, and watercolor and work digitally. I work in bold bright colors and in simple palettes of white, black, and grey. Art is a language that I feel privileged to use to express emotions that might not otherwise come to the surface and to communicate to others what I might not otherwise say. 


Feature Article in Downtown/Brickell Collection 9/13/2018

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